Rumworth School

Rumworth School caters for 240 school children residing within the Bolton living with learning difficulties and disabilities. The school required a complete remodel of the sixth-form classroom and services. 

The major issues highlighted to us were:

• Finding an access route to the building area, as we were not able to use the school corridor/stairs to access the area, located on the 3rd floor.

• The behavioural patterns of the
children with regards to disturbance and noise.


Some pupils were heavily affected by sensory overload and upset by noise, changes in their surroundings and were distressed when their routine was altered in any way. R Walker & Sons operatives were mindful that this would need to be taken into consideration whilst working on site.


R Walker & Sons also had to factor in the asbestos removal from two open staircases/ceilings on the third floor and the rest of the works area. We had to gain access via a stair scaffold. This required the removal of two windows to provide temporary access for the duration of the construction work.  We planned the asbestos strip to coincide with half-term to keep the disturbance to a minimum. 


The full remodel, in essence, allowed for a better use of the space
with s
ix classrooms, male and female toilets, a store room, an office, a kitchen and a hygiene suite.

The hygiene suite included an electric rise and fall bed, a side to side
and front to back electric bed hoist and DDA compliant wet room facilities. All
heating and water supplied were overhauled with comfort cooling to all class
rooms.  All rooms contained ambient LED lighting and calming wall colours
to help with the children’s behaviours and mood patterns.

R Walker & Sons finished the works within the set timescales given
for the development. All parties were extremely satisfied with the standard and
finish of the project.

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